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Damiano Angoli (University of Milan) carried out his degree in Biology with Professor Enzo Wanke at the University of Milan where he examined the effects of intracellular pH on cell apoptosis and learned about electrophysiology. A visit to Vancouver, following an invitation, convinced Damiano to take himself and his piano to the west coast of Canada. He was a postdoc fellow at Simon Fraser University till 2005 then he worked at University of British Columbia for the Cardiovascuolar Research Group, multi-tasking pacemaker channel electrophysiologist. He joined the lab January 2013 after a visit in April 2012.


Ben joined the lab as a postdoc after completing his PhD in Pharmacology and Neuroscience at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, working with Dr. Don Caspary. He worked primarily on understanding age-related plasticity in GABAAR function and response properties of neurons in the auditory thalamus. Broadly, Ben is interested in understanding the neural basis for higher-level processes like attention, cognition, choice and personality.






Jarod Swant, Ph.D.


Ahmad at the helm.                                                                      Ahmad cleaned up.


Ahmad Abdul Ali

Ahmad is currently studying health science/premed at James Madison University.

That fresh poster smell.                                                               You didn't tell me you were wearing black...
Susan Lawrence
Susan is currently studying at Florida International University.



                                                                     Rommell Gletten
                                                                     Summer undergraduate student 2008



                                                          James Crisp
                          Future doctor Crisp is a medical student at Meharry.
                                                     Summer research 2009



                                                              Joyonna Gamble-George, Research Assistant
                                                   Joy has been accepted to the graduate program at Vanderbilt. 
                                                                     Congratulations, Joy!!!


                        Summer Students 2011!                              

Future Doctor Brooke Davis breaks bread for lab meeting.

                 Also future Doctor, Courtney Manlove.